Big Woods Church - Troop 849


Troop 849's home is located at Big Woods Church off of Eola Road in Warrenville.

We are very thankful for the church who we owe so much to. They have provided our troop with home for more than 3 years and allow us to use the church for weekly meetings, hikes, day trips, weblo overnights, campfires, and trailer storage.

Since Big Woods Church is our home we are thankful for being apart of a dedication ceremony for a restored headstone of a Civil War soldier burried on the church grounds and we are currently helping in the restoration of the oldest school house in the county through survice and eagle projects.

During the summer scouts help out earn their keep by helping out with the landscaping and lawn mowing of the property.

We can not thank you enough Big Woods Congregation for supporting Troop 849.

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